SHAHADAS MEXICO (2010 – 2019)

Abdullah Salgado

“I was born and raised as a Christian, one day I was walking round without any place to go after a terrible binge on cocaine. I walked into a library, I was trying hard to forget my absurd life. I started to look for something that would interest me, I turned my head and saw this book. The title was ‘The Qu’ran’ with integrated comments, for long time I had been praying hard and asking my Lord to help me out of this hell I had been living for so many years.

However, only after reading the Qu’ran, were all my doubts laid to rest. My addictions dispelled themselves;slowly my anxiety and need to consume drugs vanished. I reverted to Islam on June 20th 2012 and no I can say that I am released from my past and uncertin future. Alhamdullilh! The truth came into my life and I am convinced that Islam is the truth.”

Khadija Salinas Cruz

Adela, used to be a co-worker with Abdullah Salgado, after some da’wah from Br. Abdullah, she also started reading the Qu’ran. She formed a reading circle and invited more people to read the Qu’ran with her at her home in Acapulco, Mexico. On October 8th 2012, Adela Salinas reverted to Islam, her Shahada was very emotional.

Nour Fimbres

Monica Elizabeth Fimbres, attended classes at the Musallah in Rosarito and reverted to Islam on July 18th 2010. She graduated in ‘Communications’ at Tijuana University and is always playing a part in helping with any community activities and giving her time for social causes.

“I can say that Islam has totally changed my life, I have found peace, hope, love and feel protected. Now I see life and our creation in a very different way.”

Abdul Khabir

Louis Jorge Rodriguez Barajas, now Abdul Khabir, attended classes at the Musallah in Rosarito, Mexico and accepted Islam on April 24th 2010. He has graduated as an engineer in 2012 and is an active member of the Muslim community.

“Alhamdullilah! Since Islam came into my life, I work much harder at being a better human being. I see life from a different perspective without caring too much for material gain and superficial things.”