Viva Islam, commenced its da’wah and charity events in Mexico back in 2010, assisting and organising events in the North and South of Mexico.

The vision to construct the first purpose built Masjid & Community Centre in the state of Baja California, Mexico, commenced in 2012.

A few sisters were the first to commence da’wah activities in Rosarito, Baja California back in 2009. The town had only a handful of Muslims where da’wah & charity activities had commenced from a premises on the land where the newly constructed Masjid and Centre stands today.

Viva Islam supported the da’wah initiative and opened the first Musallah in Rosarito and later commenced to build the first and only Masjid in Rosarito and in the state of Baja Mexico. Al Wahid Masjid & Centre, (AWCC), was completed in 2016 and now serves the wider community and is a ‘Hub’ for outreach projects in Mexico.

The centre facilitates the growing Muslim Community for:

  • Daily prayers
  • Jumu’ah prayers
  • Ramadan and Eid Al Adha Celebrations
  • Classes  for Muslim children and adults
  • Da’wah events and seminars
  • Extra-curricular activities

The centre has classroom, prayer facilities, and separate wudhu for brothers and sisters, as well as having the capacity to hold events and seminars for the benefit of the community, both Muslims and non-Muslims, children and for the elderly.

Vision 2020

  • Muslim Cemetery in Mexico

In 2017, Viva Islam embarked on another milestone project to establish a Muslim Cemetery in Mexico. Vision 2020 is to see completion of the acquisition of land for the purpose of a Muslim Cemetery and to further its development with the community there, providing Janazah facilities and burial spaces.

  • Learning & Training Academy at AWCC

Apart from the above Masjid prayers and activities, a vision to establish a learning & training academy at AWCC, providing training and online learning with at hand tutors and extra-curricular activities for both Muslim / non-Muslim, adults & children. A vision to provide training facilities, leading to possible job placement schemes, with transportation for the elderly and children when necessary.

  • Outreach Charity Food / Clothes Distribution

Providing aid to poor communities and assistance with community development initiatives, therefore the need for elaborated environmental and humanitarian projects for the benefit of people regardless of race, religion, ethnicity or gender and demonstrating the importance of charity through positive action.