The Mexican Secretariat of the Interior, (Secretaría de Gobernación, SEGOB, it literally means “Secretary of Governorship”), is concerned with the country’s internal affairs, the presentation of the president’s bills to Congress, their publication and certain issues of national security and is a member of the President’s cabinet.

The Religious Affairs department has been very helpful and they have assisted Viva Islam in developing projects in Mexico,with the correct legal framework.

Meetings are regularly attended with the SEGOB’s Ministries (Federal Government), so to be legally recognised as a Masjid and religious association, it also gives Islam official recognition in the state of Baja, Mexico.

The Masjid and Centre, has received the warmest welcome and support of the mayor, Silvano Abarca, secretary of government, Luis Fernando Serrano and the director of Religious Affairs, Guadalupe Alvarez, who regularly attends programs held at the Masjid.

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