HandyCab for the Disabled

We are guided in Islam not to leave those who are disabled in isolation, they should be welcomed into society and be dealt with in the kindest of way.

There is limited help for the disabled when it comes to transport in Mexcio. In the town of Puebla, lack of state funding, marginalises the disabled traveller, leaving the town without any taxi service catering specificaly for them. Thus travel can become a costly, legnthy, insecure and uncomfortable exercise just to do basic everyday chores.

HandyCab is an initiative by a local entrepreneur, Mr. Ismael Alvarez, who with his own resources, started the first taxi service which catered only for the disabled at subsidised rates. The vehicle is specifically adapted to carry wheelchairs safely and securely, with easy on/off ramps to allow better access.

There is only one vehicle allocated for this work and with the support of VIVA ISLAM, they intend to expand this successful venture and purchase another.

HandyCab is a not for profit organisation, which has already attracted many users and with constant effort to gain external funding to help make this venture eventually self-sufficient and of great benefit to society.

Passengers are helped from their pick up point onto the vehicle with their wheelchairs, which are then securely clamped inside. They are aided directly to their destination, a truly remarkable service, carried out by volunteers and staff who contribute a lot more hours than they get paid for.

Mr Ismael Alvarez, has been a strong supporter of our projects in Mexico and helps in whatever way he can. The close working relationship with a Mexican organisation, helping people from all different backgrounds and faiths, highlights the beuautiful message of Islam with positive action.

Handicapped people face the challenge of ‘normalising’ their lives with patience, stregnth and courage. May Allah (SWT) assist them in their adversity and enable others to become a force in their service.