The Qur’an strongly enjoins Muslims to treat animals with compassion and not to abuse them. It states that all creatures praise Him, even though it is not expressed in human language.

Our support for the cattery, ‘Patitas Felices’ in Acapulco, Mexico, highlights this, helping the community understand the reltionship between animals and mankind in Islam.

‘Patitas Felices’ is a not for profit organisation, an initiative started by a small group of people, committed to bring welfare to those abandoned, neglected, mistreated and abused cats. The climate in Acapulco can reach record heights and water is a scarce commodity for animals in distress during some parts of the year.

Some of the work carried out includes low cost sterelisation for pet owners on low income, organisation of medical brigades for pet rescue in poor areas, free vacination for stray and abandoned cats, de-worming and adoption.

Due to lack of state funding, they operate with their own resources and with the help of volunteers and freinds, who make donations to support their efforts. A veterinarin provides medical assistance in any emergency situation and aids with rescue operations.

Our support helps shelter around fifty cats, providing meals, water and comfort whilst they recover and can be adopted.

The project is a great success and much appreciated by the local communities, who due to lack of knowledge or ignorance, find themselves battling with stray and sick animals.