The Tree planting and Agriculture project is located, in the state of Morelos and the state of northern Baja California, Mexico:


This region is known as the ‘Central Breadbasket’ because it is an important centre for agriculture. The capital, Cuernavaca is known worldwide as ‘The City of Etrenal Spring,’ because of its temperate and climate.

The land acquired  is being developed for agriculture, greenhouse development and planting trees.

The project will provide employment for marginalised communities who are farmers, improve their skills in cultivation and help them become self-sufficient. Part of the agricultural produce from the land would be used to feed those most in need, generate income for the communities, as well as aim to make the project self sufficient.

Viva Islam has supported da’wah events in Tequesquitengo, Mexico, inviting local state dignatories, regional communities and farmers. The events highlight the importance of environmental care in Islam and encouraging planting in regions which have become barren due to negligence and tree cutting for commercial purposes.

Food supplies were distributed to marginalised farming communities in the town of Papalutla, Morelos. The community of this region travel down from the mountains to seek employment and are often under paid or work under harsh terms of employment.

“There is none amongst the Muslims, who plants a tree or saws a seed and then a bird or a person or an animal eats from it, but is regarded as a charitable gift from him until the Day of Ressurection.”       Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

Follow our progress and participate with us in guiding and educating communities to be better guardians of the natural environment.

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