In 2016, with the support of the UK Muslim community, Viva Islam opened the first Masjid in Baja, Mexico. The growing Mexican Muslim community is now in urgent need of funeral and burial provisions.

We have identified land in Mexico suitable for the pirpose of a cemetery and we urge our brothers and sisters to help us make the purchase of the ‘Gardens of Light’, Insha’Allah.

On visiting Jannatul Al-Baqi, the Muslim cemetery in Madinah, the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) would say:

“Peace be upon you, dwellers of these graves of the Muslims and the believers. We will join you when Allah wills. You are our predecessors and we will be your followers. We ask Allah’s forgiveness for us and for you. O Allah, forgive them and have mercy on them.” [Muslim]

Please donate here with reference: CEMETERY PROJECT