Ehsaan supported Viva Islam at the first Community Dinner, in May 2014, for the construction of the Masjid & Community Center in the state of Baja , Mexico.

Born and raised in the UK, Ehsaan orginates from Bangladeshi descent currently residing with his family in London, Ehsaan is a member of the well known nasheed group Labbayk and has had the privilege to travel with the group performing all over the UK, Canada, Qatar and Switzerland.

Alongside the nasheed performances, he is very passionate about charity work, namely humanitarian aid. He regularly performs and initiates events for charitable causes and by Allah’s grace, he has been able to raise hundreds of thousands through these initiatives.

Although the majority of performances by Ehsaan is with his group Labbayk, he has performed several times alone and continues to do so.

Through his efforts of nasheeds, he has been able to be in the presence of many great Scholars from the UK and abroad, and continues to seek their guidance in matters related to deen and his nasheeds.