Our vision is at the heart of our charity organisation and is integrated into all of our activities and projects. With the Positive, Peaceful and Humanitarian teachings of Islam, we help to integrate those in need back into mainstream society.

Through our work, we reach out and touch communities and individuals in need, providing aid to marginalised communities and assistance with community development. Demonstrating the importance of charity through positive action, allowing people of other faiths to see, learn and experience the beauty of Islam.

Why Mexico?

Mexico presents challenges on many levels, at present, less than 0.5% of the population are Muslim, and there is very little support available for new Muslim reverts. Organisations have limited resources for the growing Muslim community and those who want to find out more about Islam.

New Muslim Support

Without suitable support networks, many new Muslims feel isolated, our projects and initiatives has spread across Mexico and will help new Muslim reverts to integrate with communities with positive contribution to society and with direct benefit to the people.

Areas of Work

Our projects are focused on Environment, Charity, Education and Community, visit our flickr albums by clicking below and see what your support has helped us achieve:

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